CakePHP Development

An open source framework, CakePHP is widely used for development of online web applications. To build powerful and secure web applications, it provides PHP MVC (Model View Control) architecture. It helps in create application quickly using rich functionalities of this framework. It is an excellent platform to build responsive websites.

We understand that PHP is an ever evolving language and the same applies to CakePHP, it being a PHP form. Considering this we make it a requirement that each member of our CakePHP development team is updated of such new and positive changes. We build highly secure and bug-free CakePHP websites and applications. Over the years we have built several outstanding websites and applications using CakePHP platform for our various clients globally.

Following are some useful features of Cake PHP

  • Open source.
  • MVC Architecture & ORM
  • Active Record
  • Built-in Validation
  • Front Controller
  • Association Data Mapping
  • Powerful Data Validation
  • Flexible Templating
  • Scalable & Secure
  • Rapid Application Development Platform
  • Compatible with PHP4 and Higher Versions
  • Supports Ajax, HTML, JavaScript
  • Allow to create application quickly and affordably