Travel services

RN Travel & Services:

RN Travel & Services is a US based car pooling travel Service Company for university students. Daily, students commute through RN cars by purchasing ticket at the time of travel. RN travels is using a software tool in which the data needs to be feed manually, this helps them keep track of their revenue generation and profit earnings compared to the previous month. As the company’s business began to escalate it became difficult for RN travels to manage their daily task of feeding data at the backend and also to plan the number of cars that needs to be devoted for a particular day/time, as the number of student commuters were increasing day to day. They required a website with CMS option wherein, students can reserve for daily seats or can purchase a plan as per their requirement and the data gets directly collected at the backend enabling the admin to have a daily update and making plans accordingly.

Why Drupal was chosen:

Drupal was chosen for the content management system. Drupal provides the needed search, listing, and revisioning and categorization functionalities.

Apart from that there are lots of additional features as compared to other CMS.

  • Allows creating multiple content types easily.
  • Allows categorizing content through URL addresses, paths, making your own lists.
  • Administrator can create new user accounts and establish their permission rights.
  • Easy, vast & customizable content management system.
  • Reliable performance.
  • High level of content security.

Its scalability feature that gives liberty to create or extend any web application by adding small contributed Drupal modules.

Describe the project (Goals, requirements and outcome):

Project Goal-

  • Company able to access data entered by the customers for seat reservation or registration through RN travels website. These details will let company to keep track on their profits and progress and accordingly set future plans or strategy on the business advancement.

Project Requirement-

  • Website - Travels Website for daily, future reservation for customers. Special plan for prepay customers for a stipulated period where the prepay customers will be able to reserve the seat whenever they plan to travel.
  • Admin Panel - Registration profile and seat reservation data collected at the backend should be accessible by the admin. Data details of revenue generation, seats reserved as daily, monthly and yearly, number of regular and prepay customers registered.

Project Outcome

Website –

  • Website was simple with basic responsive UI developed in Drupal 7 with reservation form at the home page for regular customers.
  • Special offer for prepay customers was focused separately that directed towards plan purchase and a separate seat reservation form in the customer profile page.
  • Special prepay code was allotted to prepay customers through email integration.
  • Customer’s profile page contained all the desired information to the customer with the order history and recent order details.
  • Payment Gateway API was integrated for payment processing

Admin Panel –

  • Dashboard highlighting all the desired information required by the client was the main focus, giving brief statistical figure on the pointers of interest like total revenue, total today’s revenue, future reservation, active prepay counts, new orders, prepay users, regular users.
  • Master for the drop down options in the website like Pickup location, Drop off location, Time was included.
  • Customer details for regular and prepay with search integration and data export option, also giving provision to browse through individual profile by the admin.
  • Daily, Monthly and yearly reservation with in detail data
  • The website was made responsive for tablets as well as mobile device.

Key Modules

Administration menu-

Help admin, developers and the site builders to easily and quickly access various parts of the site.


It provides a dashboard page in the administrative interface for organizing administrative tasks and tracking information within a site.

Date Popup-

It enables jquery popup calendars and time entry widgets for selecting dates and times.


Used for seat reservation.

PayPal -

Processes payments using PayPal Website Payments Standard, Website Payments Pro and Express Checkout

Search -

Enables site-wide keyword searching.


This module plays big role in every project. We used this module content listing. Provides an easy interface for content population and management this also included sorting and searching different types of content alongside pagination

Views Data Export -

Plug-in to export views data into various file formats