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Play Action Tennis

Play Action Tennis is a league play for your busy lifestyle. They've made league play simple and easy so you can spend more time on the court. Play Action Tennis is loaded with amazing state-of-the-art features like pro style playoffs, automated scoring, scouting reports and expanded playing levels.

Why Drupal was chosen:

We chose Drupal for this project because of its ability to manage the large volume of content on the site, the presence of the integrated shopping cart, its ability to create custom features and its ability to create custom admin functionalities.

Describe the project (goals, requirements and outcome):

From the front end the users needed to register for the tennis league, purchase a season tournament pass (or multiple season tournament passes with a discount), create and edit a player profile, view other player profiles, view tournament schedule, view a tournament standings, view statistical history (wins, losses, etc.) , and photo gallery

The administrative backend software needed to perform the following functions:

Self-populate with user registration information created from the front end (with the ability for the admin to edit). Player information should be exportable to excel.

Create tennis tournaments as needed

  • Allow users on the front end to register (and pay) for the tournament after it is created.
  • Divide the tournament into divisions dependent on the number of players registered.
  • Assign registered players to a division based on distance zip code.
  • Automatically create a schedule of tournament play based on players assigned to a division.
  • Create a playoffs schedule.

Record the score from each tennis match in a tournament as well record winner and loser of the match.

  • Calculate points for each player based on games won.
  • Calculate rating based on formula I will provide.

Maintain the statistical history of all the matches and all the standings for each tennis tournament (season).

Maintain the rankings based on points and/or player ratings for each tournament (season).

The major requirement was to develop a platform for tennis player where they can navigate through site easily.

The client was open to use CMS platform with customized software components integrated.

Also he required a responsive website template for the front end. And as this is a professional customer facing website so the appearance of the website was very important.

Key modules/theme/distribution used:

  • Chaos tool suite (ctools)
  • Colorbox
  • Dashboard
  • Feeds
  • Libraries
  • Media Gallery
  • Rules
  • Token
  • Ubercart
  • View

Why these modules/theme/distribution were chosen:


Ctools, Colorbox, Views were used to create displays and layouts that would provide an ideal user experience.


Nexus proved to be a very good starting point. The zone & section templates provided by the theme and a very good theme API. We had lot of fun customizing various aspects of the theme.

Custom modules:

  • Division – Defines Divisions for a tournament which generated based on zip code of home court.
  • Schedule – It automatically generates schedule with all players having at least 1 HOME match.
  • Standing – Defines the player's ranking in their current division/tournament. The player's rankings in each division are based on the player's points. The player with the highest points is in first place. The player's level standing is based on the player's ranking in the entire tournament (not just his division). So that ranking will be compared to all players in the tournament. Again this is based on the points the player has.
  • Playoff – Defines playoff schedule for a tournament. Players advance to Playoff is based on season rank (division winner status disregarded). First place of each division of a season automatically advances. The remaining spots are filled by the remaining highest ranking players in the season. Playoff schedule is automatically populated on the playoff members profile once the schedule is published.